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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (10-inch)
"I used it in my potted lemon tree and let me tell you, it accelerated my lemon tree growth - new leaves and fruit" M. Dawood, Layton UT

Soil Test Kits


Each soil test kit contains four items:

Free booklet: "Preparing & Building Healthy Garden Soil"
Fact sheet: "How to Collect and Ship a Soil Sample"
Two-part form: "Soil Testing Sample Collection"
Soil sample box: prepaid and preaddressed with plastic sample bag.

Since the soil sample box is prepaid, it can be mailed from anywhere in the U.S. We recommend that you put it into your mailbox and let the postal service pick it up.

Rush Orders

The quickest way to get your results is to select the Rush Order option at checkout. Place a check in the box where it says "Rush Order" and upon submitting an order for payment, you will receive a confirmation and a Rush Order Sample Collection Form. This form must be printed, filled out and placed in the soil box to be sent with the soil sample. Otherwise, we will not be able to process the sample. Then, you can proceed with sampling the soil, packaging the sample in a locking plastic bag (1 to 2 cups/sample) and boxing it for mailing. A Rush Order will cut off several days of mailing time you would otherwise wait to receive our kit. There is no additional charge for Rush Orders on our end.

Packaging and Shipping

You will receive a soil test kit(s) in the mail after placing an order. This contains a folded, postage-paid soil box with a plastic bag for packaging the soil sample and sending to our lab for processing.

Soil samples that are wet should be air dried prior to mailing, if possible. This can be done by spreading the soil out in a shallow tray, saucer or pan. The drying process can be speeded up by increasing the air movement, putting it on top of a refrigerator or placing it in the sun. Do not microwave the soil or place it in an oven with temperatures greater than 120 F. Dried samples should be packaged inside the plastic bag; then put into the prepaid and addressed soil box. About 1-2 cups per sample is required.

It is helpful to use plastic packing tape around the soil box prior to mailing. In the case of sending multiple samples at once (Neighborly Special), tape all of the soil boxes together so that only one mailing address is showing. This will guarantee that all samples are received and processed at once.

When finished, simply place the sample in your home mailbox for pickup. Since it is prepaid, there is no need to go to the Post Office, saving you a trip.

Soil Report and Recommendations

The fastest way to receive your soil report and recommendations is electronically. Each report will be sent to the EarthCo website when it is finished. You will receive notification by email that your report is posted there for you to access. Go to and click on "Report Login" in the upper task bar on the home page. Enter your email address to retrieve your report. The report format is in PDF and you will need Acrobat Reader to view it. Instructions on downloading Acrobat Reader will be given in the email message. Since most have this on their computer, just click on "report" and it will pop up. From there, you can read, print or save the report for future reference.