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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (6-inch)

Soil Test Kits


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The Basic Soil Test is perfect for routine and first-time testing of soils. This is the most recommended test for lawns, flower gardens, tree and shrub areas.


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The Neighborly Soil Test give you an opportunity to submit 3 soil samples for basic testing at a reduced price. Great for large landscapes, submitting samples for different plants, diagnosing trouble spots and lawns over 5,000 sq. ft.


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The Basic Plus Soil Test is good for new or unfamiliar soils and when plant performance is poor and you need to diagnose a plant problem. We recommend this for new lawns, new garden areas and when changing landscapes. Soil texture (% sand, silt, clay) defines the rooting environment.


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The Micronutrient Soil Test measures all nutrients in the soil required for growth; macro and micronutrients. Especially useful for problem diagnosis, fruit and vegetable gardens and for roses, rhododendrons/azaleas, evergreen trees/shrubs and container plants.


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The Complete Soil Test provides a total understanding of all nutrients important for plant growth in the soil. This is recommended when you are setting all soil conditions prior to planting and the plant investment is considerable. We recommend this for totally new landscapes, new home sites, large renovations and the last ditch effort to diagnose a plant problem.


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If you are making your own compost or buying compost from a dealer, this test will give you some information on the nutrient quality, soluble salts level and acidity/alkalinity (pH).