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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (6-inch)

3. Particle Size/Textural Analysis

3.  Particle Size/Textural Analysis

The Particle Size/Textural Analysis Test gives information on the composition of the soil in terms of sand, silt and clay. Both the Basic Plus and the Complete Soil Test kits come with a textual analysis. This test allows for the classification into one of twelve types (i.e. loam, sandy loam, silt, clay, clay loam etc.). The right proportion of sand, silt and clay dictates water-holding, drainage and aeration characteristics of the soil as well as how fertilizers should be applied. Sandy soils and clay soils differ greatly in these properties and this affects plant performance. Recommendations include those amendments to add in order to improve the soil rooting environment, water/air exchange and how to fertilize the soil according to it's composition.

Cost: $15.00