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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (10-inch)
"I used it in my potted lemon tree and let me tell you, it accelerated my lemon tree growth - new leaves and fruit" M. Dawood, Layton UT

3. Basic Plus

3.  Basic Plus

The Basic Plus Soil Test measures soil pH (acidity/alkalinity), percent organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, PLUS evaluates soil texture determining the percentage of sand, silt and clay to classify your soil as one of 12 soil types (loam, silt loam, clay, silty clay etc.). Textural analysis determines it's ability to hold moisture, drain properly and provide good aeration - the right mix favors optimum plant growth. When a persistent plant problem continues to show up, this test provides some of the big picture clues. We recommend this for new lawns and flower gardens where you want the basic nutritional information and recommendations on adding the right amendments prior to tilling or turning.

Cost: $29.95