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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (10-inch)
"I used it in my potted lemon tree and let me tell you, it accelerated my lemon tree growth - new leaves and fruit" M. Dawood, Layton UT

Gardening & Soil Products

Sometimes only a good spade, leaf mold and a little hard work is all that is necessary to begin improving the soil. In time, the soil evolves into a friable, rich loam that breaks apart with ease and allows the roots to penetrate with no restrictions. To encourage the transformation from poor to rich gardening soil, we need to first find out what's there (soil test), correct the deficiencies and match the plants to the soil, light exposure and climate. Seems easy enough right?

Now and then a good product comes along to make gardening better, easier or more fun. We thought you might enjoy some of the ones we have used to build better soil, correct nutrient deficiencies, and monitor soil conditions. We also included some products that make gardening more enjoyable. Let us know what you think.