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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (6-inch)

Resellers Program

As a landscaper, designer, architect, garden center owner, consultant, parks planner, lawn service or grounds keeper, you may have a need to test soils periodically to support your business and customers. EarthCo can offer these services to professionals on a long range plan with discounted pricing.

Point of Purchase Soil Test Display

We also offer a retail tabletop Point-of-Purchase Soil Testing Display to nurseries and garden centers loaded with 10 Basic Test kits. The display is attractive, weatherized and durable and easily refilled. This works well for customers that need soil testing for their lawn or garden. Recommendations are sent to the customer with the garden center address printed on each report so that they know where to purchase fertilizers and soil amendments.

To learn more about the Reseller Program, click here. You will be asked to register your business with us and given a password to access the discounted shopping cart. We ask that you are a business with a license to sell retail in your state.

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