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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (6-inch)

Dr. Goodearth Problem Listing

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Cedar Apple Rust
Cedar-apple rust affects susceptible crabapple and apple cultivars by causing foliar and fruit lesions, resulting in defoliation and blemished fruit. Similar to cedar-hawthorn and cedar-quince rust, all of these diseases are caused by closely related fungi that share Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) as an alternative host. The ability to infect cedar and apple/crabapple requires a complex life cycle. Overall, most of the damage on crabapple is aesthetic from year to year. But repeated defoliation can lead to added stress on plants placed in marginal areas. Cedar-quince rust on hawthorne can cause severe dieback of twigs and branches leading to death

Ash Anthracnose
Anthracnose is a general term use to relate a group of fungal leaf and stem diseases on woody and herbaceous plants. Ash anthracnose is caused by the fungal pathogen Gnomoniella fraxini. Defoliation of the tree can be extensive under continued moist and cool conditions. Leaves of black, white and green ash are affected. Ash anthracnose is most prominent in the Upper Midwest.