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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (6-inch)

Dr. GoodEarth Problem Solver

When you are experiencing a plant problem and attempting to diagnose it, browsing some pictures of known problems on the same plant or an unrelated plant that has the same problem can be very helpful. Picture tell a good story, but must be combined with symptoms, when they appeared, what parts are affected, pattern of development, severity of spread and growing conditions.

Click on the Problem Solver below that fits with the plant in question. In addition, there are several good websites online to assist you. If you cannot match your problem with one in the respective Problem Solver, then send us a note - Dr. GoodEarth

Flower Garden Problem Solver
Common disease, insect and cultural problems on annuals and perennials.

Fruit Problem Solver
Problems on fruit trees, small fruit, citrus and cane fruit are treated in this category

General Disease Problem Solver
A few plant diseases are common to several different plants so are treated generally in this category (root rots, leaf blights, leaf spots etc.)

General Insect Problem Solver
A number of insect cause problems on many unrelated plants including mealybugs, caterpillers, spider mites, beetles, thrips, aphids, and a variety of others

Lawn Problem Solver
Common lawn problems.

Tree & Shrub Problem Solver
Disease, insect and non-infectious problems of woody plants