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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (10-inch)
"I used it in my potted lemon tree and let me tell you, it accelerated my lemon tree growth - new leaves and fruit" M. Dawood, Layton UT

Rush Orders

The quickest way to get your results is to select the Rush Order option at checkout and mail your sample directly to our lab. Upon submitting an order for payment, you will receive a confirmation and a Rush Order Sample Collection Form. This form must be printed, filled out and placed in the soil box to be sent with the soil sample. We will not be able to process the sample without the form.

Once that is done, you can proceed with sampling the soil, packaging the sample in a locking plastic bag (1 to 2 cups/sample) and boxing it for mailing. A Rush Order will cut off several days of mailing time you would otherwise wait to receive our kit. There is no additional charge for Rush Orders on our end but, you will be responsible for sample mailing and postage to our lab.