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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (6-inch)

Fast Service!

We try to get your report back to you in 5 - 7 days after the soil sample arrives at our lab. But there are a couple ways to quicken the process.


This is fastest if done online through our secure site with a credit card. Alternatively, you can order over the phone with a credit card by calling (314) 994-2167. A third way is to email Dr. GoodEarth a request for a brochure, then fill out the order form and return it with payment. Lastly, you can drop us a line to request a brochure/order form. Send this to EarthCo, P.O. Box 50084, St. Louis, MO 63105.

Receiving the Soil Test Kit

The soil test kit will go out US Mail the same or next business day the order was placed. You should allow three days for delivery. To speed this up, specify Priority Mail at checkout to cut off an extra day. However, the fastest way overall is by sending a Rush Order. Select this option at checkout. There is no extra cost. With a rush order, you send the sample directly to our lab. This cuts off about three days in mailing time.

Sending the Sample

If you rush the order, then you will be mailing the sample directly without waiting for the kit. Otherwise, when the kit arrives, package the soil sample in a prepaid mailer and send it to our lab. Allow 2 to 3 days for the sample to arrive. If you are sending more than one sample, be sure to package them together so that they arrive all at once. This will ensure that the samples will be processed at the same time and avoid searching for lost samples.

Processing the Sample

Samples that arrive at the lab Monday through Thursday will be processed the next day, depending upon if they are wet or dry. We encourage you to dry the sample prior to sending so we can process the sample sooner. Lab results generally take about two days overall. If you request a textural analysis (% sand, silt, clay), that alone takes 24 hours so be patient - these are professional testing procedures. Similarly, tests for arsenic and lead take longer so allow seven more days.

Receiving the Report

You will receive an email when the report is finished, directing you to go to the EarthCo website at On the home page, click on Report Login and enter your email to gain access to your report. You can also request a hard copy report to be sent US Mail. There is no extra cost for this, but allow a few days for arrival.