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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (6-inch)

EarthCo Sample Report

EarthCo will provide you with a comprehensive but easy-to-read soil report designed to give you a snapshot assessment of the nutrient condition and overall health of your soil. The graphical, bar-chart display is followed by a list of soil amendments and fertilizers (organic and other) recommended to correct any nutrient or soil deficiency. Amounts to apply are given in common, household measurements. The detailed explanation will tell you exactly what to do to improve your soil and any further follow-up recommendations. Soil textural analysis classifies your soil into one of 12 categories, shown on a soil triangle so you can see the composition of your soil. Amendment and fertilizer recommendations are given relative to your soil classification. A few pages of a Basic Plus Soil Test report are given below. Other test reports follow a similar format. Generally, each report is between 4 and 8 pages.