Soil Testing Services from EarthCo
Soil Testing Services from EarthCo

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SmartGrow Hair Fiber Mat (6-inch)


Collecting soil sample is easy using this 6-inch soil probe especially designed for home gardeners. Click on image to BUY NOW ($19.95)

EarthCo offers a professional soil testing service designed for home gardeners giving convenient, fast service plus easy-to-understand reports and recommendations to improved garden soils and diagnose plant problems.

Three Good Reasons to Test Your Soil...

Most soils are deficient in one or more nutrients
Poorly prepared soil leads to poor growth & plant stress
Results provide vital information for diagnosing problems

An EarthCo Soil Test Will Give You:

An easy-to-understand report:
Organic recommendations included.
Prepaid mailer - just drop in the mailbox.

Produced by Clarity Connect, Inc.
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